From the history ...

The company was founded by Mr. Filipi and Mr. Rehak (that is why name F&R) in 1992. The company target has been engineering services, consulting and commissioning of control systems in power plant industry (for the system suppliers or users).

Today ...

The company is still managed by original founders and expands its original activities. We are offering our capacity also for I&C basic and detail designs where we can apply our experiences and references.
We have gradually increased our references for open and closed loops control optimization in power plant industry (in Czech and abroad). There are increasing demands for higher quality of the unit control and higher level of technology automation (primary and secondary frequency control, lower flue gas emissions, unit startup or shutdown function group complex control, etc.).
The F&R has 5 top specialists now, with large practical experience in the job and ability to provide our activities individually all around the world (English, Spanish or Russian language speaking countries). The F&R has a possibility of additional working capacity in case of necessity through the partnership with similar engineering companies in Czech or abroad (PLAN E Elektroplanung GmbH, Baden in Switzerland).

Our employees references (Curriculum Vitae) can be checked here: CV 1, CV 2, CV 3, CV 4.